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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  July 8, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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>> welcome to red eye. i'm greg gutfeld. slayer of griffins and a third-level wizard in the art of dispelling battery-operated objects from my body. what's coming up tonight? >> up top, america. our top story, local bars and liquor stores load up on jaeger meister as a judge announces casey anthony will be a free woman on wednesday. tim pawlenty apologizes for saying that michele bachmann's sex appeal will help her with the voters. should a guy propose to his girlfriend by sending her a ring via fedex? you would think that that answer would be no. >> happy tell the truth day, greg. >> andy, i think you are making things up. >> nope. tell the truth day is real,
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stupid. >> maybe it is in your dumb world, you stupid jerk. >>. >> you are a loathsome, offensive brute. yet, i can't look away. >> that's my charm. >> go away. >> ifers going to say that. >> let's welcome our guests. she is so adorable that rabbits carry around her feet for good luck. nice. tonight, we are with jill dobson. check out her web site, the jill dobson show dot-com. a little austentacious. but okay. if hilarity were a tongue depressor, we would all gag on him,. and he's a pinko who doesn't stinko. sitting next to me, writer john devore, who i adore. he's not a winner who keeps getting thinner.
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>> times reviewer calls horrible bosses a foul-mouthed and frequently funny look at male resentment. no horrible bosses to be found in our building. every reporter here is as content as a republican in a gun church. our publisher will box the ears of anyone who says different. >> hey, what does a.o. stand for? >> awesome, oh, yeah. >> that's aoy. >> oh yeah is one word. >> i didn't know that. is that according to the new york times style book. >> i wouldn't use anything else. >> they don't have a talking paper. >> they sure don't. >> all right. her spirits are up and her hair is down. acquitted child killer casey anthony was in court on thursday where the judge sentenced the former mom to four years. but he gave her credit for credit for nearly 3 years and
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knocked off the rest for good behavior. so she will be at home next week. but more important, now that she was found not guilty of killing her daughter, she was ail to let her hair down, literally. yeah. from a plain librarian to a sexy siren. why not? you can't catch bees with vinegar. what will anthony do now? not porn. last night we reported that vivid video wanted to hire casey. but on thursday, vivid released a statement saying there has been an overwhelmingly negative response to our offer. it has become obvious to us that vivid fans -- noble that they are -- and people in general want nothing to do with her and that includes a xxx movie. my faith in the world is restored. let's check in with our legal correspondent. bulldogs on swings.
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>> all right. that's it. we are having a meeting about our correspondents because clearly they didn't care about the story. hey, jill, it's a super ficial matter, but it's strange. that is the hair. [chuckles] >> wasn't that saying, like, what you saw in court was not the real me. now that it's over, here's the real me. isn't it just an obvious kind of message to the public that now i am back. >> i think there is something to be said for giving your most buttoned-up version of yourself when you are on trial. so i understand putting the hair up anding down the makeup. now she's cutting loose. the vivid video thing -- imagine you are going about your business and there is a press release saying, we want you to star in a porn. before you even have time to consider it, they come out and say, nobody wants to see that. so maybe the hair down is a way
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to say, "but i'm pretty." >> it makes me happy that america will not be happy to see a child murderer in a porn movie. john, how bad does a person have to be to be rejected by vivid -- on moral ground? >> i am glad they have boundaries. that's a positive thing. like most americans, i would never pay for a casey anthony porno. but i would get it free and i would watch it. >> so you are giving up -- standing up to the man. >> i'm screwing everybody. >> hey, are you worried at all about the jurors' safety? we were talking about this in the green room. the judge's -- has been, you know, asked by papers to released names and he hasn't. should he? >> no. i am not aware that -- i don't think we should have anonymous jurors. i think it's important that we know who the jurors are. they seem to have made the best decision that they can. so, you know, look, here's the
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thing. juries get tential, tential reputations. everybody is complaining about this acquittal and at one point complained about jury duty to get out of it. there is nothing wrong with the juries, it is the people who are out of their minds. >> i don't know. i think the jury made the wrong decision. but, tom, that's not for me to say, it's for you to say. did they make the wrong decision? >> they made the wrong decision, greg. >> thank you very much. >> we can't criticize the jury. i don't know why we can't. they are 12 wrong people. why not criticize them? >> as opposed to 12 angry men. >> good film. >> my next screenplay. >> but, you know, based on -- we had this argument last night, based on things we didn't see. >> they saw too much. i'm against evidence. there is too much evidence. remember in mozart, too many
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notes. there is too much evidence. because if you take the evidence away, she's guilty. obviously guilty. i am serious about this. take the evidence away, she is clearly guilty of murder. her daughter went missings for a month and she lied about it and many, many ways and went out partying. without the evidence, definite kill. then you add chloroform and all of this stuff and people get confused. she clearly murdered her daughter. it saves so much time. >> i don't want to go back to this, but she's the soliari of orlando. she got away with it. >> bill, here's my theory about vivid, which i think is slimy. this was their ploy all along. that is, to put out the free publicity for the press release and then garner sympathy had they pulled it back. i don't think they were going to do anything -- >> if they thought that much through this -- then i take back some of the respect i have taken from them. they are vivid scbrainment.
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of course, they should be trying to get t. you poo-poo porno and then you get up close for in-depth scenes. people would have bought it. they stand down on their smut laurels. >> i don't think it was their core audience complaining. >> you mean humanity, real humanity? >> their core audience isn't away the trial's going on. >> but the things about the projects and the money, she is in a circle of hell and whatever money she makes has to go to somebody else. it's like -- it will never end for her because she could make $15 million over her life and she will have to pay out $15 million to all of these people who are going to sue her, right? >> who is going to sue her? >> the nanny that she besmirched, right? >> that's a real person? >> remember, she said there was the kidnapper was a nanny.
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that woman's already suing. >> can't she sue a bunch of people, including everybody on this slander and make the money back that way? >> no. if she wasn't a murderer. but she's a murderer. >> she was not innocent. >> i think we are all in big, big trouble. >> as a matter of fact, let's go right now and regroup. >> all right. i think it's time to move on. i was going to say something, but, no, i think it's time to move on. >> we could talk about casey anthony all show. >> i don't think it was a publicity stunt because they would have used it to promote other items. they would say, but we do have lorrence fishburne's daughter. >> i think it's a publicity stunt. these are the people who offered octomom her own video presentation. >> nobody wanted to see that. nobody. >> you want to see it, go down the jersey turnpike. it's the same thing. >> i don't know what that means. from a tragic scandal to a --
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>> yes, you do. >> should a candidate's aide be shot for thinking michele bachmann's hot? of course, not. but former governor tim pawlenty did admonish a top aide for suggest that this minnesota congresswoman's popularity is partially based on her looks, telling the newspaper, the hill, that michele bachmann would be hard to beat on friday, partly due to her, quote, sex appeal. weber has apologized and pawlenty added, quote, again, you shouldn't use sex appeal in evaluating a candidate's fitness for office. how you can say that? the former minnesota governor has no explanation for this. >> well, you know, in terms of the beat, i like bad romance. i gotta say, even though she's a little unusual, born this way has some appeal. she's very talented. if you go to the end of the hbo
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special, lady gaga, and you watch her sing acappella, she can definitely sing. she's talented and she does it acappella. so interesting, talented, a little weird. >> nobody was awkward there. everybody seemed to just roll with that. older gentleman talks about lady gaga. >> she's over now. >> it's almost as creepy as a middle-aged guy obsessed with unicorns. >> and the presidential posture was not there, and knowing way too much. >> i want a normal candidate and i will be happy. but that's my problem. >> with good hair. >> jill, should -- should -- vin weber have apologized for that remark? >> i was ready to bash him with women, we want to be respected on our job, but maybe on a date.
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but i understood, when i heard the report, it's about her fitness for office. so if we are talking about her fitness, i think there should be a bikini competition. that's how it goes. >> i have to tell you, tom, are you sick and tired of all of this apology crap? i mean -- >> it's ridiculous. >> pawlenty's boring. he's a boring guy and he needs to spice things up. this is a missed opportunity. this guy said that michele bachmann was sexy and then he -- was that his statement that she was -- that they shouldn't say -- he was off base because he wasn't talking about her fitness for office, he was saying she is garnering support because she is quick on her feet and she's a little sexy. that's all she said. >> not a lot sexy. >> if pawlenty had said, i disagree, she's a hot momma -- that would be great. >> i thought republicans were the party that hated political correctness. >> i agree. they let me down here.
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>> he should have been like, michele bachmann is hot -- >> by the way [bleep] i. she's great. i don't know what that is. [bleep] whatever it is, we have to cut it out. >> sexy euphemism. >> i mean, i think there is nothing wrong with pointing out somebody has sex appeal. it bothers me that people bend over backwards out of fear, not because they are sorry but because they are scared. >> the only time i have sex appeal is when i bend over backwards. >> look at my web site. >> sex appeal is an asset for male politicians. it's one of the modern tools of political campaigning. but a male politician uses sexiness. >> scott brown? >> yeah. >> the truck. >> rutherford behaves. >> obama's beach picture during the campaign, as a male candidate can use that asset, so can a female. >> absolutely. what's wrong with that.
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they're scared of being accused of being a sexist. but you can do that to a guy. >> unless they were trying to diminish her. which i don't get the feeling. i can see a politician trying, like she's just a floozy. >> you have to throw some [bleep] and stop apologizing. i'm sick and tired of the apologies. >> sorry. >> here it comes. >> apology. >> i would like to apologize to all of those people who have had to apologize or who are planning to apologize. what i said was mean spirited, stupid and cheap and i deeply regret everything i said just then and everything i said before and everything i am going to say after until the day i am dead and bushied. >> wow. >> a terror group learned to internalize more than hummus and
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pita bred, the airline industry has been warned that a terrorist mae implant an explosive inside a martyr. one of the methods to stop the unspecified stitched-up surge... >> i feel safer already. tokyo, japan, has one solution. >> that's not really a solution, but it looks like fun. it might work. we have heard about this before. do you think it's going to happen? >> no. >> no? >> no. they have to lay off the
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airplanes, the tsa. the terrorists are not going to use them. airplanes are done, i think. since the shoe bomber, that was the last hurrah. >> i think in order for this to work, they won't need to get the x-ray area, it's going to be about the crowds in the lobbies, that's what i worry about. >> stadia, you notice the proper plural. airplanes are not efficient, you can only kill a couple hundred people. >> that's scary. but do you think the technology will be there? >> no. no. all of that technology, i think is fake. i don't think it works. i think the tsa -- we talked about this before, have you to ramp up fear to justify their budget, to justify searching grandmothers in diapers. this is just -- this is a plot from the dark night. >> really? >> that's right. the joker uses some person to -- but i mean -- >> no, absolutely. >> that's the bomb. this is more of this fear
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mongering. >> i have to say, everything is possible, jill. everything is possible because -- okay. we spend 20 years on a career. like i start out of college, i spent 20 years getting to -- this. anyway, they spent 20 years on one thing, trying to kill you. so i think they will always be one step ahead, right? >> perhaps. what i think they are doing here is just trying to make life difficult for all of us. they are trying to make it so we have to stand in line forever. and i think they are confusing the bimbos in hollywood. you know they are walking into plastic surgeons'a office sayin, "i want those new bomb implants. " it's not gigood idea. >> is more intersection with tsa good or great? >> is there a word better than great. >> super great. >> i would take super great. i can't wait to g. i am going to
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eat a cherry bomb. >> coming up, what is cuter than a dozen bunnies floating down a river of chocolate? jill dobson has the new book. it's long, but worth it. but first, what's next for charlie sheen? my guess is a cigarette, followed by a lame comment about winning. it never ends.
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>> lno more discrete, even though he didn't tweet. to catch a predator's host pulled an almost weiner, emailing sexy photos of himself to his sultry mistress. he is terrified they will end up
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on the internet. there he is. >> ooh! they're horrible. they were taken after he met this reporter and later had sex with her. yeah, sex. like a crazed sex maniac. the one of the images has him in front of a hotel room wearing only a white bath robe that is completely open, showing off his entire chest... [sound effects].
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>> i'd buy that. >> exactly. hey, john -- it's not like chris hanson hurt bad people. but why is this somewhat satisfy ?ismght because right now, thousands of convicted pedophiles are laughing because they need to. >> no, i don't think so. >> i know. but just a little bit of time. >> by the way -- can we point out one thing, jill? we have to couch this. this is the national enquirer. >> yeah. >> so, i mean -- >> allegedly, those photos have been released. >> allegedly, it's a big story. >> but we don't know for sure. if it is true, which we don't know for sure... what i think is interesting is how do people not know this yet? i learned a long time ago, a lady should never be
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photographed holding a drink. but i need to write a booklet. never be photographed naked. apparently, people don't know this. >> the lady not holding a drink thing is something bill should have learned a long time ago. >> these are both amazing tsas for saturday morning cartoons, immediately. [overlapping dialogue] >> it just looks crass -- casey anthony, that's why. >> it was another woman grinding -- >> that was the problem, oh. >> you are veering off this story about chris hanson into something else, which is okay by me. but what do you make of it? are you worried that there are pictures of you floating around, tom? i know you are a sick little man. >> this is why i don't wear the robe in the hotel. i never put it on. i think, now i know.
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it's wrapped around chris hanson. >> are you saying that they never clean the robes? because i have wondered that. >> why would they? hang them up again. they have seen the mased. did you ever see them with a robe over their arm? >> never! >> the thing about the robe, it's like they want to sell it to you. it's like it's the only thing in the hotel room that you could have that's for $175. i have a robe! >> a shorty robe. >> well, i have 17 shorty robes. >> right. this is long. mix tup a little bit. >> one for every month in the mayan calendar. >> the weird thing about the shorty robe, even if you put 17 together, they are ability a full-sized robe. that's how tiny they are. >> i was mulling. chris hanson of all people should know about this. his whole gag was that he, you know, used the technology against sex offenders. he should know better. >> in this segment, viturned.
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i was anti-chris hanson and now i am pro-chris hanson. in the news, they are treating this as if he was doing the very thing -- but he's not d. >> but he should know better. take naked pictures -- >> okay. you are explaining why the story is entertaining. but the truth of the matter is, if it's true, he was having adult activity with an adult. it is not the same. we know that. >> it's an extra-marital crime. >> it's not a crime, but it's fantastically hilarious. >> he did stigmatize kitchen island. >> i feel really uncomfortable now. i just envision a guy with a case of mountain dew, hanging around there. >> have a seat. >> do you have a comment on the show? i bet you do.
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still to come, a half-time report from andy levy -- doesn't have a kitchen. the half-time report sponsored by running. thanks, running.
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>> let's see if we have done anything wrong so far, andy levy. >> who does, by the way have a kitchen. >> you do?! good for you, finally. a place to put your pots. >> always had a kitchen. >> never had one. >> always had one. >> been to your old place. >> there was a kitchen in the old place. >> you can't call a hot plate on your bed a kitchen. >> says who? >> according to -- >> mr. i define what a kitchen is. >> yes! that's my name. >> whatever. who made you the kitchen judge? casey anthony will be free next wednesday. john, you said you would never pay for casey anthony porn, but you would -- would forrent it. news corps attorneys want to speak to you after the show. so stick around, if you could. okay. john, you said you don't think we should have anonymous jurors, which i disagree with. >> why? >> you do i want vol fear -- volunteer for it. you are forced.
3:32 am
>> you are not forced. it's jure duty. >> if you don't do it you can, what? go to jail? >> i don't want to be judged by a bunch of anonymous people. you want them to wear hoods on the stand? >> that's a whole separate thing. but this show is not about my fetishes, john. >> look, i believe that we should, you know, we should have a jury of people -- smarter than us. >> i don't think the media need to know their names. they're not -- they shouldn't be public figures. they were doing their duty, but they are doing something they were required by law to do, not something they volunteered for. they shouldn't have to put up the crap of a public figure. >> should their security be paid for? >> if they choose to go public, it's on them. >> all right. fair. >> someone who haze lot of mob
3:33 am
ties, i am against anonymous jurors. >> tom, you said you had no problem criticizing the jury, but if you take away the evidence, casey anthony is clearly guilty. >> yeah. >> if you take away the evidence, you are clearly guilty? >> no. you didn't get that -- i didn't get what he said. >> if there is no evidence, you could be as guilty as she is. >> by evidence, i mean all the things, the chloroform, the tape. >> the facts. >> yeah. >> i'm really glad you are not attorney general, by the way. but you wouldn't be much worse than the guy we got now. bill, you said casey was found innocent -- no. she was found not guilty. something i have to say. >> as was the holdup thing. >> absolutely. >> jill, i disagree with you, i don't think vivid's offer was a publicity stunt in the sense
3:34 am
that -- it was clearly a publicity stunt -- >> thank you. >> but i think they were serious until they got the negative response they are claiming they got. >> sure. i'll give you that. i think they did it for publicity. sure, if she said yes, they probably would have -- >> right. >> they got two days out of it. one for saying it and another day i. i disagree -- >> they doubled it. >> i don't think they planned to take the offer back. i could be wrong. i think they planned on make the offer, seriously and they realized they couldn't. >> we probably should have someone from vivid on and ask them. >> then what do we talk about? they will just say, yeah. then we're done. show's over. >> of course, then they will make you offers. >> yeah. >> and that will be offered. >> exactly. >> by the way, there are a lot of porn companies out there, most of which are sleazier than vivid. she'll be fine. [laughter]
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the orlando centinal reports that a tall tree in the same area where caylee an thon's remains were found was struck by lightning, just after the judge announced that casey anthony would be going free next wednesday. i don't know what it means -- >> oddly enough. >> means something. pawlenty's aide apologizes for saying that michele bachmann has sex appeal. this is sexy. she will be hard to beat because she has hometown appeal, ideological appeal and i hate to say tbut she has a little sex appeal, too. i don't know why that's offensive. >> she's wacky, but the fact that she's a little sexy, i think benefits her. >> why do you say she's a little wacky? >> her eyes are wacky. >> her ice of awesome. if wacky means awesome. she has wacky eyes. i am confusing the meaning of wacky and awesome. >> i apologize for saying you
3:36 am
have sex appeal. that seems mean. >> it is. i take it back. >> you don't have sex appeal. my bad. surgically implanted bombs. tom, you said terrorists are not going to go after airplanes, the shoe bomber was the end of that. i think the underwear bomber was after that. >> oh, was he on a plane? trying to take the plane down? he wasn't just carrying a bomb to someone else. >> no, no, no. >> to a bomb convention. >> yeah. >> that's a really stupid convention. no one's coming. >> yeah. >> but, tom, if you take the evidence away, the underwear bomber is clearly not guilty. >> i was making a serious point, not a silly point. i think i am going to blog about it. >> wow! you showed us. >> rather than confront andy with his idiocy, i am going to
3:37 am
the safety of the internet and blog about it at my anonymous blog. >> john, i'm with you on this whole implant thing. this is from anti-terror. >> you are so smart. >> we need new body scanners. guess what, don't get mad at us when we have to take a 90-year-old's daugherty diaper off. >> culture of fear. >> this would go away, if liberals would allow us to profile. if you could profile, you wouldn't have this problem. you find the people who look like the terrorists and goar -- go after them. >> then the terrorists start recruiting -- >> people like you, jill. >> the young white men -- >> and even old white men, so watch out, greg. they haven't had a single one. >> can't we behaviorally
3:38 am
profile. greg, you said hanson is not a member of the hanson brothers. were you referring to the musical brothers or the hockey-playing brothers from the movie slap shot? >> i was referring to the band. >> all right. shared a moment with them in the bathroom. >> for some of us of a certain age, we think of slap shot. >> that was a fine movie. >> tom, you said this is why you never wear the hotel robes. this is what i do, tom. this may change your mind on this. i wear them. and right before i check out, i put them back on the hangers and i fold the arms the way they were. >> sew that's what i think people do. >> so the maids don't know they have been worn. >> that's my point. that's my point exactly. >> yeah. >> you don't wear the robe because andy has folded the arm. >> i don't understand why you don't wear the robe. >> because you just wore it. >> that's why you wear the robe. >> andy -- i would go one step
3:39 am
further. when i go traveling. i bring my own iron and when i am done using the bath towels, i iron them and put them back up. so they have no idea that it's been used by a diseased freak like me. >> i don't sleep on the bed. i sleep on the floor. i can't touch anything in the room. >> apparently we have to go. >> where are you going? >> i don't know. but it's been fun. >> would you like to get gelato. >> you have a break. >> want to get some? >> yes. >> can unattractive people become a new group. ugly people are my mete meat, the homely are my potatoes. and the application for your ipad for fox news. you can download it from the apple app store or go to our web
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site for more information.
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>> hey! remember that guy? the guy that was all over the place and then not so much? who was that guy? oh. ... first time you have seen that, jill? >> that was nice. i watched the show regularly. >> you are lying. rap duo insane clown posse has hired charlie sheen as their emcee for the jugaloos show in august. a jugaloo is the name given to bands groupies who love the rapping clowns. whatever. the festival -- i don't care. i really don't. the festival is a four-day concert known for crappy music
3:44 am
and crappier or awesome behavior. last year's celeb guest, sheila tequila was bloodied on stage when she was pelted with rooks, cannedy and reeses pieces -- they threw candy at her -- oh, i misread it. that's feces. that's pretty bad. we should discuss it in our lightning round. >> john... could this be the best combination of awfulness ever? it's taking charlie sheen and dropping him into the insane clown posse festival? >> i hope it's a riot. i hope they eat him on the stage and it's some kind of thing and they tear him apart and eat him. >> i don't know, tom. i think he really gets the message of the festival. there is a message to the festival.
3:45 am
i think it does coincide with charlie sheen's message. >> yes, it does. i believe he said he believes in the message of the festival so he lowered his fee. what is his fee? he's out of work, he -- he has to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars. but what's his fee? his asking price. i don't understand that charlie sheen -- who wants him? >> i guess his tour didn't do too well tpeterred out. >> it petered out. >> you are a jugalo. if you were offended, i apologize. >> i think it's the word jugalo. like gigolo. so i can get paid to spend time with goddesses? i'm there. so it's confusing. >> i can't wait to paint up the baby. >> just pointing out there is a baby on the way, by the way. >> i don't think it's that hard to hide. >> it is not the gelato. >> we probably do have jugalo fans and i am sure many of them
3:46 am
are decent people, right? >> no. >> come on. >> lord no. absolutely not. >> they are criminals that have not been put in jail yet. >> i lust way the intern pitched the story. he started off with it looks like charlie sheen's moving up in the world. this is a lot of things, but this isn't charlie sheen moving up in the world. >> that wasn't pitched by an intern, that was a new employee. >> i thafs thought it was michael. >> i know andrew so well, i kind of call him -- i adopt him. he's living in my apartment. >> you like to take long walks on the beach and watch sad movies, greg. i knew that. >> i have never heard it a single time except that one time on youtube, magic. you are such a violent, lovable freak. charlie sheen looks down on them.
3:47 am
>> that's true. >> he looks down on everyone. >> he's a spoiled, hollywood i. but they are billionaires. they are massively, massively successful. i read about them in "business week." >> good for you. >> we are never going to get off this story. it reflects that sweaty, disjointed energy that sheen mistakes for genius. he thinks he's really smart. that's what it is. i don't know what i just said. all right. 76,000-dollar engagement ring has been returned to roy williams, by ex-girlfriend brooke daniels. he sent the ring and a taped marriage proposal in an overnight package to her in february. she said no, but kept the ring. so williams sued her. but thank goodness, this was settled before it went to court. jill, should she had kept the ring? that's a really dumb proposal. >> it is a bad proposal.
3:48 am
and, guys, this is why you do it in person. you can take the ring if she says no. ladies, don't keep the ring. it's meant to symbolize eternal commitment. if you don't want the commitment, give him the ring. have you taken enough from him. >> wow. >> she has done this before. >> after i got sued, i started singing this tune here. >> whose heart i. i had it in my jewelry box. >> $76 grand to a millionaire is nothing, right. >> obviously, he doesn't need t. but i think if you say no, have you to give the ring back. but if you say yes and he does something wrong, you can keep. it i think judge judy would agree with what i just said. this is like a judge judy case. if somebody like a judge judy -- that's who decides the case. >> our show isn't right for this story. >> no, if we could make a decision. greg, if you could come down with a gavel --
3:49 am
>> i have like 30 seconds. do you have an opinion on this? >> no. >> that made it easy. bill, dumbest man alive? >> she should keep the ring. i don't think he has a lot of money in the bank. >> fedexing a ring -- i don't know. possession is 9/10 of the law. >> was that a good way to propose? or was he busy? >> check out the new red eye podcast. there is a new one every day. tonight, we talk about my obsession with airlines and tv shows on lifetime women. i watch it a lot of you go next if you had a
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>> i told you how much i loved tickling the trucker. but i also love charity. let's get to my latest piece of art. i call this franken-corn. i try to capture the true inspiration behind benjamin franklin's great achievement. benji loved the ladies. who could blame them? women are meek. that was my feminist moment in
3:54 am
the show. email your bid to red eye. eight money goes to taps, a nonprofit that provides grief counseling to families of fallen soldiers. go to to learn more. it is not about charity. it's about me, because i care. i don't care, i like to pretends i care because it gets me the checks. we will close out with the postgame wrapup with andy levy. nationde insurance. what's up ?
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what's vanishing deducti all about ? guys, it's demonstration time. let's blow carl's mind. okay, let's say i'm your insurance deductible. every year you don't have an accident, $100 vanishes. the next year, another $100.
3:57 am
where am i going, carl ? thnext year... th was weird. but awesome ! ♪ nationwide is on your side ♪ >> i will be become on the royal rile. we have charles payne and
3:58 am
comedian dan soderand kayleigh mcen any. time to go to andy levy. >> hey, jill, what's going on with the jill dobson show? >> we are going to have something special this week, guest blogger, tom shillue owhy evidence in a case -- [laughter] >> wow. how did you get that? >> i leaned across the table and i told him that that's happening, just now, through him. would you ask him to do it? >> that's a good gag. >> high profile. >> hey, tom, any upcoming appearances on the jill dobson show? >>s should how i get my work, as a blogger. i put it out there. they reel me in. >> what's the deal with funny story dot-biz. >> i can't believe you said that, funny you should ask --
3:59 am
>> but it's a live show, but it lives on the internet at funny story dot-biz. finally, comedy on the internet. >> somebody should have thought of that. >> amazing. >> john, what you are doing? >> guto john devore dot-com, you can get details about a solo show in brooklyn this weekend and through july. i'm telling stories. >> really? >> lovely stories. for you, andy. >> where in brooklyn? at the brick theatener williamsburg. >> does it have a name? >> there you go. >> pong. >> videogames? >> i'm doing jill's blog. john's going to do my health. i'm booking himg on the show. >> through andy. >> i'm done with all of you. >> thank you, jill. >> thank you, jill dobson for wasting my time. tom shillue, john devore, entrenching observations that i no longer


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